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State Decision Makers Visit DeSoto County
August 5, 2019

The federal government recently declared youth vaping, or e-cigarette use, a nationwide epidemic. In light of these concerns and the misinformation surrounding this topic, the Tobacco Free Partnership of DeSoto County and DeSoto Students Working Against Tobacco Youth are working hard to educate parents, educators, youth, community partners, and decision makers on what they need to know about vaping and youth.

In efforts to do just that, DeSoto TFP Members attended a Legislative Wrap-up Breakfast hosted by the DeSoto County Chamber of Commerce. This served as a time for our elected officials to debrief with local residence the many items discussed during session and allowed residents to voice their concerns and ask questions.

The most popular e-cigarette brand is JUUL, a device shaped like a USB drive that is available in a variety of flavors and easy to conceal. In fact, youth are using JUUL devices inside school bathrooms and classrooms. Youth vaping has increased dramatically across the country and in Florida. In 2018, about 25% of Florida high school students reported current use of electronic vaping – a 58% increase compared to 2017. (FYTS 2018)

Senator Ben Albritton and Community Health Advocate, Jodie DeLoach

Attending the Legislate Wrap-up Breakfast turned out to be a wonderful event for all involved, especially our partnership members who were able to share our concerns with elected officials in a low key, non-threatening manner. It is always a great pleasure to hear from the individuals that make such incredible decisions on our behalf.

The Tobacco Free Partnership of DeSoto County thanks our decision makers for visiting our community, and always having our best interest at heart. We look forward to continuing our work locally, protecting Florida’s most valuable and vulnerable asset, our youth, from secondhand smoke and e-cigarette vapor.