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Members of the Tobacco Free Partnership and DeSoto Memorial Hospital Encourage Community Members to ‘Love Their Health’
February 27, 2019

February is Love Your Heart month, but at DeSoto Memorial Hospital, it is taken just a step further.  DMH encourages everyone to truly value their bodies and ‘Love Your Health’. In true DMH spirit, heart health month is celebrated by inviting all our health care partners in for a health fair. This is a great way for community members and employees to network with the various local health organizations to become aware of what they have to offer.

In our efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco use and increase cessation, members of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Desoto County attended the event held in the main hallway at DeSoto Memorial Hospital on February 27, 2019. In addition to the 13 other vendors in attendance, over 80 community members and DMH staff were educated and encouraged to value their health.

Pictured above: TFP Member and Healthcare Education Specialist at Florida Poison Information Center, Jemima D. Desir, MD, MBA, Community Health Advocate and Tobacco Prevention Specialist, Jodie DeLoach, and TFP Member Asya Shine, Drug Free DeSoto Coalition Coordinator.

TFP members are working hard to recruit new members, work with local government to implement policy change, and present tobacco education and prevention to our community. Booth attendees were given information on the Quit Your Way program and encouraged to pursue the quit.

Establishing a presence within our community is a key factor in implementing our mission and vision. Participating in events such as this is a sure-fire way of doing just that, but also, proving our dedication to the health of this community.

If you are interested in joining our partnership and getting more involved in creating a healthier future in DeSoto County, please visit or email Jodie DeLoach at