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Be a Good Neighbor… Quit Smoking!
By Kirk G Voelker M.D.

If you are looking for a good reason to quit smoking, here are a few.

  1. You will live longer - The average non-smoker lives 14 years longer than smokers.  You will buy yourself quality years of life no matter what age you quit.
  2. You will save money - You probably spend around $1500/year for every pack of cigarettes that you smoke each day.  Just think what you could do with that money!
  3. You will become more attractive - Seriously, smoking effects your breath, skin, clothes and teeth.  Once you become a non-smoker you will realize that people can smell residual smoke on your body from several feet away.
  4. You will be a better neighbor - Your smoke does not just stay in your unit.  Up to 65% of the air is recirculated between units.  Second hand smoke from your unit can set off a breathing or allergy attack in your neighbor. 

DeSoto Memorial Hospital has a free stop smoking program.  In addition, they provide free nicotine replacement therapy ($100 value).  For information on how to quit smoking or how to create a better living environment for your neighbors, call Whitney Page, your DeSoto County Tobacco prevention specialist at 863 318-7848, or by email at

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