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February 24, 2013

On Sunday February 24th zombies invaded Arcadia. 

DeSoto Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) teamed up with Sarasota based horror film producer and director Sean Haitz to shoot an anti-tobacco zombie commercial in downtown Arcadia.  Mr. Haitz, of Faced Productions, has created Mango Slasher 3 and is currently working on Big Top Evil, a circus based horror film shot in Sarasota (preview available on You Tube).

Zombies invade

On February 5th, the Arcadia City Council gave permission for Quit Doc Education and Research Foundation to shoot this anti-tobacco commercial in Arcadia.  With the help of the sheriff’s office the streets of downtown Arcadia were blocked for this production, as local teens stormed the streets starring in the video.

This video revolves around how candy flavored cigarettes and chewing tobacco can create NICO-TEEN Zombies. “Unfortunately there is some truth to this. If a teen brain sees nicotine on a routine basis there is an up-regulation of nicotine receptors making it more likely that a teen will be a nicotine addict (NICO-TEEN ZOMBIE) for the rest of their life,” said Dr. Kirk Voelker of Quit Doc Research and Education Foundation. “Big tobacco companies ad candy flavoring to make these addictive tobacco products attractive to teens," added Dr. Voelker.  "This video is a dramatization of that fact.”


In the first week, there have been over 500 individual views of the two minute video.  “This video has proved an effective means of rallying our youth and disseminating information to the community” said Dr. Voelker. “We plan on doing more of these in the future.”

You can view the entire DeSoto Nico-Teen Zombie video here:

DeSoto Nico-Teen Zombie Video SD from No-Tobacco on Vimeo.